Spiritual Awakening Program

Uncover your own innate Wisdom in a nurturing environment of safety and trust. This environment makes it easy to release limiting concepts you no longer need.

During the eight weeks of the Spiritual Awakening Program, you will learn how to receive Inner Guidance more clearly, what pitfalls to avoid, and how to apply what you are learning in your daily life experience.

With the loving support of others who are also exploring their own awakening, you can 
let down your defenses, your shields, even your denials as you realize you are not alone. As you do this, you can allow yourself to experience the unconditional Love, joy and inner peace, which is your true Nature.  (Note: this course can also be done alone; in person, via telephone or Skype also.)

Through empowering experiential processes, the Spiritual Awakening Program helps you grow and expand your awareness of your true Spiritual Nature with the support and shared insight of each person. There are many activities to help you connect feelings with ideas so you can make the ideas work in your life.